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KSDPP Training Program in Diabetes Prevention

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The KSDPP Community Mobilization Training Program in Diabetes Prevention is a four-day series of workshops that will enable and empower participants to begin or enhance a diabetes prevention or wellness program in their community. Community mobilization for healthy lifestyles is one of the more important skills that health workers need to understand and possess. The KSDPP Training Program was created to offer the experience learned in Kahnawake Mohawk Territory to other Aboriginal communities. It is based on the experiences of the successful Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project (KSDPP) that has been in operations since 1994 in this Mohawk community located near Montreal, Quebec. The long-term KSDPP goal is to decrease diabetes through increasing healthy eating and physical activity among the children and youth. Since 1994, KSDPP is witnessing trends that indicate children are learning healthy lifestyles.

The Training Program is held at Kahnawake Territory which is located on the beautiful St. Lawrence River, 20 minutes from Montreal, Quebec, an international city known for its history, scenic beauty, shopping and restaurants. It is also 20 minutes from Pierre Trudeau International Airport, Dorval VIA Rail Station, Central Train Station and 30 minutes from the Rue Berri Bus Terminal. Taxi rides are approximately $30 one way.

The main Training Program facilitator, Alex McComber, M.Ed. has extensive experience working with KSDPP as a former diabetes prevention intervention facilitator, training coordinator and executive director. He has been a key developer of the training program which has been successfully delivered in Kahnawake since 2001 and in other Indigenous communities in Ontario and Alberta. Other Training Program facilitators also have extensive experience with KSDPP and expertise in areas of diabetes, nutrition, physical activity, school based interventions and information dissemination.

The Training Program includes culturally appropriate content reinforced with KSDPP research results, a wide variety of hands-on instructional methodologies and opportunities to develop practical activities for local implementation. Follow-up consultation on implementation strategies is also available.

Who should take the Training Program?

The KSDPP Training Program is geared towards workers in Aboriginal communities and organizations that are involved with diabetes prevention, healthy lifestyles, health promotion, nutrition, recreation, wellness or education.

KSDPP Training Program Features:

  • Topics that build upon the experiences of the successful Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project
  • Facilitators with extensive experience with KSDPP and Kahnawake health
  • Content that is reinforced with information learned from KSDPP research
  • A variety of instructional methods that include hands-on activities, lecture, discussion and sharing circles
  • Opportunity for participants to develop actual activities for implementation in their own community or organization
  • One-on-one consultations available throughout and after the training
  • Icebreaker activities and physical activity breaks
  • Tours of Kahnawake schools and health organizations

KSDPP Training Program Content

  • Overview of KSDPP history and structure
  • Theoretical background for KSDPP development and activities
  • Developing a community vision of wellness
  • Environmental scanning to identify key issues, goals and strategies
  • Understanding teamwork and volunteerism
  • How to create a community coalition
  • Learning about the KMHC Health Education Program for Diabetes Prevention
  • How to create a supportive school environment for diabetes prevention
  • How to create a supportive community environment for diabetes prevention
  • School Based Health Education Program in Diabetes Prevention
  • Planning Healthy Eating Activities and Physical Activities
  • Activity reporting and evaluation
  • Developing an effective information dissemination program
  • Understanding the relationship between diabetes and nutrition, physical activity and stress

Registration Cost

Early registration is $100.00  

Registration after October 6th will be $150.00


This cost provides participants with

  • Workbook binder
  • A VHS tape of “Taking the Responsibility to Heal Ourselves: The Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project”, a 25 minute video on the background, rationale, structure and early experiences of KSDPP
  • Journal articles on KSDPP
  • Welcoming reception, closing dinner and healthy snacks and refreshments

Next Session 

4-day session is in the planning stages for June of 2019.  Please respond with your interest in attending, number of participants and dates.

Next session is June 2019.


Alex M. McComber, (450) 632-4961 or email otsehtokon@yahoo.com
KSDPP, (450) 635-4374 or email info@ksdpp.org or cmt@ksdpp.org 


Participants are fully responsible for their own accommodations and transportation.

In Kahnawake
Good Night Bed & Breakfast  (514) 756-1934  

Host Hotel  (450) 632-HOST (4678)  


Check out website - www.shopkahnawake.com or email infotourism@kedc.biz 

for more information on Kahnawake Mohawk Territory  


Near Trudeau International Airport and VIA Rail Train (20 minutes drive)
Best Western Montreal Airport Hotel
13000 Cote de Liesse, Dorval, Quebec, H9P 1B8
(514) 631-4811, Toll free 1-800-361-2254

There are other hotels in the western part of Montreal that require taxi travel as well as many hotels in the downtown area that are generally more expensive. On-line searches will give you many options.


There are good taxi services in Kahnawake. They are less expensive than Montreal based taxis and they know their way around Kahnawake and Montreal.

Day Taxi  (514) 795-8928      

Mike’s Taxi (450) 635-3114