1 Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project
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Coming Soon Staff and Executive Committee Member Pictures

Judi Jacobs - Office Manager 

Cheyanne McComber - Schools & Community Interventions Facilitator

Hayley Delaronde - Recreation Animator/Project Playground Coordinator

 Alex McComber - Community Mobilization Facilitator

 Cheyanne Thomas - Nursing Student Volunteer


Kaylia Marquis - Food Security Projects Coordinator

Addy Poulette - Research Coordinator  

Karennisakhe Jacobs - Clerical Support 


Executive Committee Member Pictures - Coming soon

Amelia McGregor - Elder

Eva Johnson - Chairperson

Alex McComber - Vice-Chairperson

Philip Deering - Secretary

David Diabo - Treasurer


Research Projects 

Research Trainees (students)

Cedric Jamet, MA candidate

Morgan Phillips, PhD candidate

Philip Deering, PhD candidate 


Medical Student Volunteers

Sophia Mondestin 

Pierre-Luc  Dussault


Following are successful graduates: 

Jon Salsberg - PhD

Lindsay Hogan, PhD - School Policy on Physical Activity development

Soultana Macridis, PhD - Active Transportation Project

Marie-Claude Tremblay, PhD Post-Doctorate


Career Building Skills program Student Stäge:


IT Service

Ordi-service B&B